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Senior Leadership Training

Innovation-ready training for seasoned professionals

As a senior leader in the midst of large-scale workplace disruption, what does your professional future look like? MaRS Talent Development offers a suite of programming options designed to introduce you to the innovation economy and guide you through the strategies, tools and perspectives that will help you succeed in the future of work.

You’ll be more than future-proof; you’ll be innovation ready.


One- and two-day workshops to provide you with the key tools and strategies required to thrive in the tech sector.

Next workshop: October 24, 2018



We’ll design a program specifically for your team, helping accelerate your progress and tackle the big challenges you’re facing.

For more information, please contact Victoria Abboud at

Testimonials for Senior Leadership Training

"Through a design thinking approach, Victoria and her team helped us take complex issues that resonate across industry and institutions to achieve exciting possibilities and outcomes in a hands-on workshop."
Abi Jeyaratnam, Leadership Academy Architect, Student Life Enhancement Division, Centennial College
"My experience at the senior leadership training workshop transformed and evolved as the day progressed. Initial reticence and unfamiliarity with some of the other participants almost immediately gave way to a collusive creativity as opportunities for debate and discussion emerged. By the day's end, I felt like I had come full circle and become my own best critic writ large."
James Wallace, PhD, Policy and Research Analyst, The Learning Partnership
"I truly enjoyed the workshop and the interactive setup of the day. There was a great atmosphere in the group and a wonderful environment to network and collaborate with like-minded people. I walked away with great insights and energy to tackle some of our big educational sector challenges. Great platform to learn and develop innovative skills to approach large industry challenges."
Rogier ten Kate, Professor, Fleming College
"A lot of great work in education is done in silence. The MaRS workshop for educational leaders has provided a platform, a creative hub, where we can work through complex problems together and share experiences."
Amineh Olad, Instructional Developer, George Brown College
"What I really liked was that I was not only able to talk to very bright people that are trying to solve similar problems to mine, but also the insightful learning about innovation that I was able to implement in my company and why we should be failing fast — or in. other words there’s no small dream that we should not pursue."
Rudy Silva-Mera, Director, EDITH Foundation Mexico City
“The workshop provided a good, tangible experience of tying together the entrepreneurial mindset and models from systems and design thinking in a way that was real, practical and replicable. These methodologies, and the environments of innovation and collaboration that they make possible, are exactly what the world needs both now and in the future of work. Thank you Victoria and team!”
Rob Sinclair -- Co-Founder, Leadership Mastery Inc.
“Dr. Abboud's workshop has left a significant impact on my professional practice as a leader and educator. I reflected on how I could influence various systems surrounding teaching and we iterated solutions to solve problems. I engaged in conversations with participants from many perspectives. I recommend this to all interested in becoming leaders of change and disruption within their industries."
Allister Geonanga, Elementary Educator and Edtech Enthusiast
The “Leading in the Future of Work” one-day workshop at MaRS helped to focus on the new realities of leadership in a quickly changing world. The workshop used innovative tools to get attendees to explore current and future leadership. It helped me understand leadership and resilience.”
Heather McMillan Executive Director, Durham Workforce Authority
“Adaptive organizations like Amazon and Alibaba will continue to evolve in the age of disruption while many others will struggle. Leading in the Future of work, outlines a framework that enables you to put the right lenses and approach to help adapt your mindset and the business system you play in, to thrive in a rapidly changing world.”
Sid Apaya Director, Away From Home Canada J. M. Smucker
“Leading in the Future of Work” blends formal learning and real-world application. We had excellent guest speakers who provided holistic perspectives on the challenging new realities of leadership, and the talent demands of the future. I definitely recommend this workshop to all leaders who are curious about how we will work in the future, and the tools we’ll need to get there.
Michael Wang Senior Manager, TD Bank