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National Youth Leadership and Innovation Strategy Summit: Strategic Framework Report

Download the NYLIS final report: Next Step Forward.

On April 29th and 30th, 2016, the inaugural National Youth Leadership and Innovation Strategy Summit (NYLIS) took place at the MaRS Discovery District in downtown Toronto.

Spearheaded by MaRS Studio Y, in partnership with over 25 youth leadership and innovation organizations from across Canada, over 200 stakeholders – including young people aged 29 and under – came together to develop a Canadian youth leadership and innovation strategy. The strategy aims to strengthen Canada’s economic competitiveness and social wellbeing by intentionally building a pipeline of youth leaders and innovators in Canada. Through a facilitated process based on the principles of design thinking, NYLIS attendees identified the key leverage points for further building the capacity of Canada’s young leaders and innovators.

This strategic framework identifies four stakeholder groups who are best positioned to take the insights and actions identified at NYLIS to the next level:

  • Canada’s young people;
  • the private sector;
  • the non-profit sector; and
  • government (all levels).

All four groups have a role to play in building and implementing a national strategy for youth leadership and innovation based on seven key themes identified at NYLIS.
In alphabetical order, the themes are:

  • Access to capital and professional services
  • Accessible, experiential education and learning
  • Culture of risk-taking, resilience
  • Geographic location
  • Inclusion and diversity
  • Knowledge and resource-sharing
  • Strategic networks and connections

These themes represent the foundation of this first draft of the national framework. The draft is meant to spark further conversation for youth leadership and innovation in Canada, and to identify any key elements that may be missing. A strategy for obtaining comprehensive feedback will be employed to gather and incorporate additional insights from Canadians, including those who belong to the four stakeholder groups listed above.

Read the report

National Youth Leadership and Innovation Strategy Summit: Initial Strategic Framework Report (Updated 2017)