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Kareen Ndema

Senior Associate, Pre-Graduate Programs

Kareen is passionate about providing marginalized communities with the tools and resources they need to succeed and overcome systemic barriers.

She has worked in public service for the past five years and has played an active role in international security. Most recently, she worked for Global Affairs Canada as a Security Policy and Data Analyst developing and implementing digital security policies and programs for Canadian embassies around the world. While at Global Affairs Canada, Kareen was an elected representative for the Visible Minorities Committee, which worked to address equity issues in government and promote diversity and inclusion practices.

Kareen has a degree from the University of Ottawa in political science and public administration. Her time at the University of Ottawa and in the federal public service shed light on the invisible power structures underlying young people’s barriers to access. A strong proponent of fair and equitable education and resources, Kareen has come to MaRS to ensure access in the tech economy is guaranteed for youth from under-represented groups.