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Job Rutgers

Innovation By Design stream

Job Rutgers is steering our Innovation By Design stream. He is currently a professor of design at OCAD University and is also the principal investigator of the university’s Ambient Experience Lab. In addition to his role at OCAD, Job is also a fellow at the Rotman School of Management Integrative Thinking Institute’s I-Think Initiative and a design strategy consultant at Rotman DesignWorks.

Job has long been associated with Philips Design in the Netherlands. As a strategic design consultant in the company’s Innovation Design Group, he worked extensively in the fields of design research, e-design and strategic design. He was also the creative director for several multi-disciplinary research projects funded by the European Union (such as Living Memory and Pogo). He developed the award-winning Ambient Experience Design service and has implemented ambient experience concepts in hospitals, the hospitality industry and public spaces around the world. Job has deep skills in designing educational environments and cares deeply about dwelling in spaces of not-knowing and listening and leading from a place of presence.