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Innovating Program Design: Studio Y Learning Report

Studio Y has begun its transition into a platform that supports young people to become top-performing systems leaders. Along the way, we have learned how to teach the skills needed in this new economy and have continually iterated our program design to advance our mission.

We have released the Studio Y Learning Report, focused this year on innovating program design. The aim of this report is to share the key learning points that we have uncovered through our past three program cohorts in the hope that our experience and insights can help other programs to pursue similar developmental program design models.

Evidence collected through our evaluation shows that to implement an innovative program design process, seven key themes must be visible within your program:

  • Outcome/evidence-informed program design
  • The right fit – participants and program design
  • Engaging previous participants – alumni
  • Developmental evaluation that informs program delivery
  • Leveraging your ecosystem
  • Reaching your target market
  • Stakeholder and strategy management
  • We look forward to continuing to share our journey and contributing to an important discussion about innovative program design.

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