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Studio Y Fellowship

The Studio Y Fellowship is for people who want to dive deep into the problems within their fields while working collaboratively with partners with diverse sets of expertise.

We find the most novel and useful solutions to difficult challenges come from cross-sector collaboration. That’s why our curriculum brings together fellows who might never have worked together outside the program.

Fellows work alongside more than 3,000 professional entrepreneurs, researchers, policy experts, educators and social scientists. They make valuable connections and find mentors, advisors, and collaborators.

Along the way, our fellows develop their leadership abilities and build their skills in communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and problem solving.

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Future Leaders

We are shaping the next generation of leaders by providing K-12 teachers with the training and resources to create a culture of entrepreneurship and systems leadership in the classroom.

The Future Leaders curriculum contains highly adaptable building blocks, teacher training opportunities, and information about our student programs. We provide the raw materials so you can prepare your students to be tomorrow’s leaders.

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