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Future Leaders

What if students and teachers were the driving force behind entrepreneurship in education?

Preparing tomorrow’s leaders has to start in our classrooms. If you are a K-12 teacher, we have training and resources to help you create a culture of systems leadership and entrepreneurship in schools.

The Future Leaders curriculum offers raw materials like teacher training, student programs and adaptable activity building blocks.

Get started by downloading a two-page summary of the Building Future Leaders resources from MaRS.

Future Leaders will not be running a 2017 Summer Camp. We thank you for your interest and encourage you to stay in touch as we deliver more opportunities for young people to explore leadership, entrepreneurship and innovation.

Student Programs

Idea jams and hackathons

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Teacher Training

Inquiry-based learning training for teachers

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School hackathons

Originally conceived of as a tech-focused event, the hackathon model can actually be applied more broadly to help students generate a wide range of both tech and non-tech solutions.

Conducted over one to two full days, a hackathon is an efficient and powerful teaching tool that can be harnessed for a variety of applications at your school:

  • At the start of a major group project — to help students form teams and
    prototype early ideas that can be tested and improved upon throughout the project.
  • At the end of a major unit of study or course — to get students to apply the knowledge they’ve gained to prototype real-world solutions.
  • As part of a Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) — to deliver the six hours of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship training recently added to SHSM programming.

Collaborate with MaRS to design and host a hackathon that helps in teaching kids to be entrepreneurs.
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Teacher training - entrepreneurship in education

MaRS offers hands-on, collaborative training sessions that help K-12 teachers design entrepreneurship lesson plans and deliver them. You’ll have the opportunity to try a
number of tools and techniques from the startup world, before considering how to harness them in your day-to-day teaching practices.

Contact us to find out more or book training for your school:

Read more about the different options below.

Half or full-day training

Enrich your teaching approach with this introduction to entrepreneurial materials and facilitation techniques.

Training topics include:

  • Reframing entrepreneurship — tips on how to introduce the broad value of entrepreneurship to your students, and how to model entrepreneurial behaviour in your classroom
  • Effective collaboration techniques — approaches to help your students form better groups
  • Encouraging authentic self-assessment — techniques to help students analyze and learn from the results of their work and actions
  • Better brainstorming techniques — tools to help students generate, visualize and organize ideas
  • Creative communication — approaches to help students sharpen their visual, oral and written communication skills

Read about a short training session provided to a group of teacher librarians.

Multi-day training

Running over two to five non-consecutive days, this training provides the resources, structure and network to support ambitious entrepreneurial initiatives at your school.

The course sessions include:

  • Kick-off session — a hands-on, hackathon-styled experience provides you with an overview of the entrepreneurial process and a variety of classroom activities
    to incorporate into your teaching approach.
  • Design & iteration (1-3 sessions) — participants share the results of any entrepreneurial activities tried at their schools with kids, before learning how to refine and build upon them with design methodologies.
  • Unconference session — facilitated entirely by participants. You will share more about the entrepreneurship activities you tried, provide tips for other educators and outline how you will continue growing a culture of entrepreneurship at your school.

Summer institute

The Summer Institute is an opportunity for educators to immerse themselves in the entrepreneurial ecosystem at MaRS. Over a two-week period, you will interact with MaRS facilitators, entrepreneurs, and other educators to incorporate entrepreneurial techniques into lesson, assignment and assessment design.

Immersion Week

Teachers explore and apply a variety of entrepreneurial and design tools to prototype, test, and pitch a solution to a school-based problem of your choosing.

Design week

After experiencing the entrepreneurial process first-hand, teachers will spend their second week at MaRS designing entrepreneurial-infused experiences for their students. You will collaborate with a MaRS facilitator to incorporate into your existing course materials the entrepreneurial concepts learned and the approaches experienced during the immersion week.

The Summer Institute culminates with the creation of a “Pivot Handbook,” which succinctly outlines a variety of small, high-impact changes that can be made to the design of lessons, assignments and assessments.