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About Us

From Studio Y to MaRS Talent Development

In March 2018, we expanded upon Studio Y to offer a new suite of talent development programs. These programs support pre-graduates, as well as early to mid-career and senior talent, helping them understand and thrive in the tech sector.

Established in 2013 as a fully funded fellowship, Studio Y’s goal was to equip high-performing young leaders with the skills needed to accelerate their impact, and tackle complex societal and economic problems. The program was made possible through $10 million in funding over a five-year period from the Ontario Ministry of Children and Youth Services.

During those five years, Studio Y provided 125 young professionals with the skills and experience our ventures and ecosystem employers need.

With the closing of the Studio Y Fellowship, MaRS Talent Development will build on its success with an expanded curriculum geared to prepare talent for success in the tech sector.


MaRS Talent Development’s focus

Talent Development offers specialized programming, and provides engagement and support to the talent ecosystem.

Talent development programming includes an expanded curriculum geared to the entire lifecycle of talent — from pre-graduates to senior talent. We’ll equip talent with the skillsets and attitude required by the tech industry, and increase the pool of diverse, qualified candidates, so our tech companies can grow.


Through our ecosystem engagement work, we will build the talent pipeline by connecting with four distinct groups: post-secondary education (PSE), corporations, government and small to mid-sized enterprises. This work involves:

  • Consulting with industry partners;
  • Raising awareness of talent development trends through thought leadership;
  • Integrating diverse tech talent into the workforce; and
  • Supporting our ventures with talent-building policies and programs.