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Announcing the Studio Y program redesign and application launch

May 12, 2016 By: Lekan Olawoye

At Studio Y we believe that the world’s most challenging problems cannot be solved in isolation. We need collaborative, nimble leaders who can navigate change as globalization and technology continue to disrupt our economy. Studio Y is helping to create these leaders through the Studio Y Fellowship, an experiential program that promotes creative risk-taking and leading through influence.

The Studio Y Fellowship exists to develop high-performing young systems leaders who will make bold economic and social impacts while fostering innovation. We are looking for 25 of Ontario’s top-performing young people, ages 18 to 29, to join us for Cohort IV of the paid Studio Y Fellowship starting September 2016. Applications open today and will close on Thursday, June 23.

We are excited to announce that the fellowship program has undergone an extensive redesign to a more flexible residency-based model. The program begins with a 10-day intensive introductory session. Then, over the eight months of the program, the Fellows will attend six 5-day residencies.

What do you learn during the Studio Y Fellowship?

During the residencies, the Fellows will receive intensive training, coaching and funding to learn and apply our systems leadership curriculum, which consists of the following four streams.

  1. Understand systems change
  2. Lead systems change work
  3. Connect across sectors
  4. Innovate to solve problems

While off-site, the Fellows will have two main commitments: a cluster challenge team project and experiential learning immersion within their sector.

What do you work on during the Studio Y Fellowship?

For the cluster challenge, the Fellows will work in industry-specific teams of four to seven Fellows to apply their learning through real-world challenges.

The five clusters are:

  • Energy and the Environment;
  • Health;
  • Work and Learning;
  • Advanced Materials and Manufacturing; and
  • Finance, Commerce and Law.

The cluster challenge teams will leverage MaRS’ ecosystem and expertise to develop innovative prototypes and scalable solutions. Each team will apply a lens of social innovation and systems change to its cluster challenge.

The Fellows are also expected to apply the knowledge and skills they gain through the fellowship program to their full-time work, academic studies or entrepreneurial ventures, or to a full-time placement in the MaRS ecosystem.

We need to be intentional about developing young talent who can make both social and economic impacts. If we want Ontario to be competitive in the innovation economy, we must develop the people who will make it happen.

If you are a young person ready to scale your impact, Studio Y is the place for you.

Applications are due June 23. More information is available on our website.